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Race For The Conch

Check-in at start/finish line on the beach in front of Flamingo Cafe (beach access between Club Med and Ocean Club East).

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Major Sponsors

  • Grace Bay Club
  • Royal West Indies
  • Turks and Caicos Tourism
  • Bay Bistro Eco Seaswim Providenciales


  • Sail Rock South Caicos Resort
  • Prestigious Proeprties
  • IGA Graceway supports the Eco Swim
  • Projetech
  • Flamingo Cafe supporting the Race for the Conch Eco Swim
  • Finishing Touch


July 7, 2018

START/FINISH LOCATION::  On beach in front of the Flamingo Café. (Beach access between Club Med and Ocean Club East)


2.4 Mile swimmers MUST check in by 7:00AM.

1 Mile swimmers MUST check in by 8:45 AM

1/2 Mile swimmers MUST check in by  9:45 AM.

At check-in, all swimmers will receive race number and swim cap. Wearing swim cap is optional for all races.

100 METER CHILDREN’S RACE: A separate 100 meter swim event will be held for children 11 and under at 9:30 AM. There is no charge for this event. Parents can sign up their children on the day of the race.

NOT PERMITTED:  Swimmer will not be allowed to use fins, paddles, snorkel, or wetsuit. Tech-suits banned by FINA (the International Swimming Federation) are also not allowed in this race.

PERMITTED:  You may use any swim stroke. You may draft off another swimmer as long as you do not interfere with that swimmer or anyone else. Goggles encouraged. When possible, you may stand up on the bottom if you need a rest, but you are not permitted any forward walking motion. Swimmers with special physical challenges can request to use special devices to aid in swimming.


For 2.4 Mile swimmers: 7:30 AM.

For 1 Mile swimmers: 9:15 AM.

For 1/2 mile swimmers, 10:15 AM

Race director will review rules, course, description, etiquette, and safety.


1/2 Mile course: Once around 1/2 mile rectangular course heading east out and heading west. Finish at start point. 1 Mile course: Twice around 1/2 mile course. Please see course map here. 2.4 mile course:  After start, turn left at pier and head west 1/2 mile along Club Med beach. Round buoy and head east to 1/2 course. Loop around 1/2 mile course and continue west again past pier to buoy at far end of Club Med Beach, and back around 1/2 mile course. (2 loops). 


2.4 Mile Race: 8:00 AM

1 Mile Race: 9:45 AM

1/2 Mile Race: 10:45 AM

Conch shell will be blown signaling the start for each race.

SAFETY:  Boats and paddlers will be posted along the race to look for swimmers who need aid and guide swimmers back on course if necessary. If you are tired or hurt and in need of assistance, you should signal for help by waving your hand. Note: Anyone posing a danger to other swimmers through rough behavior or other actions will be pulled from the race and disqualified. A race official's decision is final.

EXITING EARLY:  If you must exit the race early for any reason before finishing, you MUST check in with race officials right away at the finish line so that everyone can be accounted for.

CUT OFF TIMES:  Maximum time for 2.4 mile swim is 1 hour 45 minutes. Maximum time for 1 mile swim is 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes). Maximum time for 1/2 mile swim is 45 minutes.

FINISH:  The finish line is the same location as the start line. You will finish on the beach and MUST cross through the arch so that your time can be recorded.